El Hazard TV - Text des Abspannliedes

Englischer Titel: "Clever", gesungen von Melissa Tahn

I don't need any bedroom eyes or the fancy ways of flashy guys

What I like is someone who'll understand, holding my hand

Since we met I've felt so free, but my clever friends all laughed at me

What we have is something they just can't see

Day by lovely day, carry me away

Let me promise you, what I'm gonna do

Give my allright, even if it's not very smart

Because I know when love is real you never should be clever

Clever, waist and loose you what you've waited for

I've got to show the way I feel when we are here together

Won't you say you never will be clever

Let's go on and on for ever more.

Erstellt am 3.10.1998. Letzte Änderung: 19.2.2014